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Study group for students with foreign backgrounds

No class from 27th July to 24th August in 2024.

这个学习小组是在新潟上学的与其他国家有联系的学生们进行交流和学习的场所。 请自备所学科目的学习材料。 这里不是补习班,但会有指导志愿者帮助您学习。 如果不想学习,可以与志愿者老师或其他朋友聊天或玩耍。 
This study group is a place where students with foreign backgrounds attending schools in Niigata can casually get together to socialize and study. Please bring your own study materials for the subjects you wish to study. It is not a cram school, but volunteer instructors will help you with your studies. If you don't feel like studying, you can talk or play with the volunteer teachers or other friends. 
 If you are participating for the first time, please be sure to contact us in advance. 
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Please note that the program may be cancelled or changed online depending on the status of corona infection. 

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万代市民会館​(Bandai Shimin Kaikan)
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Bandai Civic Hall 
★Please check the room on the board in front of the elevator on the first floor.

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