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Online Study group for students with foreign backgrounds

申し込みはこちらからどうぞ。Please click here to register.
    You can also sign up from the QR code.)


This is a free online study group using the ZOOM conference system. You can study on your own and ask questions about what you don't understand. This is not a class. You will need an email address in order to join the study group. You will also need to pay for your own communication charges when participating in the study group.

The target participants are from upper elementary school to high school age, and Japanese is not their first language.
When you register, you will receive your ZOOM ID and passcode by email.


​ 2022年度は5月9日から開始!

​(Closed from 26th 8th Jan.)
Every Monday and Wednesday 
From 8pm to 10 pm
Monday staff can also speak English and Urdo.
Wednesday staff can speak Chinese and teach mainly math and science.  


Please turn on both the microphone and the video when you enter the room and when you ask questions. Our staff will be there to help you with your homework, schoolwork, and Japanese language study. You may even meet friends from other schools who have connections to other countries. Please feel free to join us. (You don't need to attend every class. You can join or leave during the class.

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