Kana Quickest Learner

If you have trouble remembering  hiragana and katakana, try this!
Here are a lot of images to memorize all hiragana and katakana. 
Please use Google Chrome to see following pages.
Table of hiragana & katakana
五 十 音 表
         ご  じゅう  おん ひょう 
​There are katakana in right side of the each pair below.They are used to write loan words such as foreign names and place names.
You can hear the sound of each letter when you click            . When you can't hear the sound, please visit following websites. 
 ★ Cosmos Language Service  (There is a table of hiragana and katakana and you can here the sound of them.) 
★Japan Foundation : Marugoto Plus  ( you need Flash Player to see this site).​

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